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  Annual Report 2011 available  English/Nederlands

  Water quality study on our ROVAI rope pump shows 90% decrease of bacteria (Info RDI).

  Opening for investors. IaW is offering a 2 year investment scheme .... Read more

  Case studies indicate that product users can earn up to US$4.40 per day extra when purchasing a Rovai water pump..... Read more

  Impact study on IaW (2012):
Impact calculation IaW: for every US$1 invested, our customers/stakeholders experience US$ 1.91- US$ 3.51 of additional value .... Read more

  Winner of Entrepreneurs without Borders/Rabobank Business plan Competition 2010!
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Already a Quarter of a Million people have easy access to cleaner water with a ROVAI pump

Ideas at Work’s impact on their product users, staff and other stakeholders in Cambodia is for every invested US$1 over US$1.91 of experienced additional social value!
(MBA disseration summary/full)

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